Artistic Space for Rent

Loacted in M50 and is subject to Bandu Music,it's very suitable for small meetings, trainings, cocktail parties, buffets, annual parties, birthday parties,etc.

Rental Price:

WorkdayWeekend & HolidayNon-business Hour
Cabin Area400050001000/hr
Recording Hall400050001000/hr
Whole Area8000100002000/hr

Workday, Weekend & Holiday: 10:00-18:00

Non-business Hour: 18:00-22:00

Whole Area: Cabin Area + Recording Hall (3/F Metting Room as bonus)


1. Minimus consumption of non-business hour should be over 1500. Rental Fee can be discussed case by case based on using hours.

2. Above price include the Tea Break. We can also provide buffet for ¥150-250/per.

3. Rental fee for shooting need to be discussed case by case

Area (m2)Capacity (per)
Cabin Area5050
Recording Hall5050
Whole Area100100